About MICCI –Membership

About MICCI –Membership


  • As a MICCI member, you will get access to a world of opportunities.
  • Mentoring
  • Channelizing your inputs in economic and industrial policy through close linkage with the government.
  • Opportunity to interact with Central and State Government Administration for policy intervention.
  • Business Networking
  • Financial & Tax Management & Assistance
  • Industry Linkages
  • Quality Management Services (QMS) certification Guidance
  • Guidance in setting up of new company.
  • Training
  • Business Trade Fair, Exhibitions, B2B & B2C meetings.
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Awards & Recognitions
  • Updates by Email Notification.
  • Access to member company profiles.
  • Access to MICCI events and publications.

Membership Price :

  • EDP Training (500)
  • Startup Member (Rs.1,000)
  • Existing Entrepreneur (Rs. 2,000)
  • Silver Member (Rs.5,000)
  • Gold Member (Rs.10,000)
  • Life Time Members (20,000)

Membership Disqualification :

  • Any member after admission as a member is indulged in any criminal & financial miss appropriation charges, found is liable to be expelled from the membership.
  • Any member who’s conduct is found to be the against the interest and rules and regulations of MICCI is liable to expelled from the membership.
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