It’s an organization of Madiga entrepreneurs and business persons that promotes and strives for the economic empowerment of every Madiga individual in the country.  To drive the community and its youth through self-help and entrepreneurship towards achieving the dreams of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar about financial independence and economic empowerment. 

What are the goals of MICCI?

  • To encourage and promote youth from Madiga community to be entrepreneurs and to establish themselves well in the field of business and commerce.
  • To foster leaderships skills among youth from Madiga community.
  • To advance Madiga youth from the level of searching for employment to that of providing employment.
  • To drive the community and its youth through self-help and entrepreneurship towards achieving the dreams of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar about financial independence and economic empowerment.

MICCI and its ideology

“To be born poor is neither in our control nor is it our mistake but to die poor is certainly a mistake.” It is being observed and learned that financial independence plays an important role in human growth and development. Moreover, it’s an undeniable fact that to succeed in any sector, one has to be financially self-reliant first. Mahesh Gogarla (the founder of MICCI) says, “Economic power is the first master key.” 

MICCI and its necessity

Historical evidence put forth the fact that Madigas were the first entrepreneurs and industrialists in the country. When no one had any idea of footwear, Madigas observed its need for humans and made footwear out of animals’ skin. Thus, Madigas established the leather industry, manufactured footwear, and could provide them to millions of people in the country. Today, simple statistics of the footwear industry reveal that the industry is making business worth 14000 crores per annum countrywide with average spending of Rs. 100 by a person.  On similar lines, in the state of Telangana, the industry is worth 400 crore which translates into 34 crores a month, and 1 crore 30 lakhs a day. Moreover, nowadays, apart from footwear, many other articles like belts, bags, wallets, etc. Are made out of leather which shows the prominence of the leather industry in the country. However, it is so unfortunate that the Madigas who introduced leather to humans and established the leather industry are still stricken with poverty and the industry has gone out of Madigas’ hands. So, it is the time the community should realize the amount of loss it has seen thus pushing itself into poverty for generations together. The following factors necessitated the establishment of MICCI.

  • Due to globalization, privatization, and urbanization, many from the Madiga community have become unemployed.
  • Unemployment is increasing among Madiga youth as there are no job notifications for employment in the public sector.
  • Due to increasing privatization, people feel insecure in their job positions.
  • To extend moral and financial support to Madiga families who have lost their basic employment opportunities due to COVID.
  • In terms of population, Madigas outnumber many other communities in the state, however, they are not financially strengthened and hence are forced to be at the bottom of the economic ladder.
  • It is evident from historical sources that the Madigas were the foremost industrialists in the country. Hence, the MICCI’s aim is to bring that status back to the community.
  • MICCI extends support to Madigas in whatever field they are, in whichever sector they have established themselves, to whatever political party they are affiliated with.

Activities of MICCI

  • To bring all Madiga entrepreneurs and businesspersons under one umbrella.
  • To organize training, business fairs, skill development activities, and awareness programs on business opportunities.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship among Madigas as a solution to the social and financial troubles they are facing.
  • MICCI works as a coordinator and guides for developing entrepreneurship among Madigas.
  • It is a One Stop Resource Centre for present and upcoming entrepreneurs from Madiga community. 

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