Dalit Bandu awareness program by MICCI

MICCI is the first organization to release the brochure & Conduct an awareness Program on DALIT BANDU Scheme with the Top 50 Business opportunities with a 10 lakh budget with honorable  Govt whip & Achampet MLA Sri Guvvala Balraj Garu

Dalit bandu awareness program in Hyderabad on 13 august 2021 at KLN Prasad Auditorium, Lakdikapool, Hyd

Dalit Bandu awareness program in Nizamabad on 21st August 2021 at Hotel Nikhil Sail International, Devi Theatre X road-NZB

MICCI Released wall posters in Huzurbad on DALIT BANDU Scheme on 27th October 2021
with Honorable Finance Minister Sri T. Harish Rao Garu, Govt whip & Achampet MLA Sri Guvvala Balraj Garu, Ex-Minister Sri Mothukupally Narasimhulu Garu.

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