Privacy Policy


 End user particulars and confidentiality:

The first page is used to apprise cyber surfers regarding our various policies usage, collection, and deceleration of individual details if anyone wished to use our resource. If you are interested to use our service, then you accept the collection and use of details related to this policy. The individual details that we gather are further used for furnishing and enhancing the service. The details gathered from you are neither used for sharing with anyone excluding as disclaimed in the policy. The constraints used in this privacy strategy have similar meanings as in our constraints and conditions, they are available until maintained in this privacy strategy.

Data collection and Usage

In order to provide a friendlier feeling while using our services, we request you to disclose certain personal identity details other than your name, cell phone number and address that will be used to identify or reach you.

Data Logging

We bring to your kind notice that we record information when you log in that your web browser sends to us, as it Is called, data logging that your surf.

This day logging conceits of your computer’s internet protocol address, cyber surfer version, pages you visited, the duration and date of your login, the time you used, and after information.

Browser Cookies:

Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your browser by the website you visit and stored in a hand drive. These cookies help us to upgrade our service. You are free to accept or deny it when sent to your computer. When cookies are refused you may miss certain information about our services.

Service Providers:

In case of need third-party companies and individuals may be employed because of the following issues:

  • To recommend our services.
  • To dispense the service on our internet.
  • To support us in knowing the usage of our services.
  • To know service-related works.

Beforehand we notify you that these third parties will have access to your personal details. Because they prefer the take assigned to them as our behalf. Finally they are warned not to use or disclose for any other purpose.

Service donors:

We consider your trust in sharing your personal details hence we strive to protect other than commercial use. No mode of transfer over the internet or electronic storage is secured and we may not give absolute surety.

Access to other websites:

We assure you of access to other sites, when you click on a third-party link, you will have access to the site. These are not handled by us. so we insist to review the privacy policy & those websites. We don’t have dominion over the content or policies of other sites or third-party sites.

Juvenile’s Seclusion:

Juveniles are not under our services so we don’t address anyone below the age of 18. We don’t collect personal information knowingly from children who are below 18. If anyone who is under the age of 18 provides personal details, we delete them from our servers. When parents or protector comes to know that your child has provided personal information, you should contact us for necessary measures.

Modifications to this privacy strategy:

We upgrade our privacy strategy occasionally therefore we request you review this page regularly for time changes. We do inform any modifications regarding the new privacy strategy on this page. The changes are in force immediately once they are posted on this page.

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